My Family Album

MY Beautiful FAMILY
COUSINS: Nicole, Travis, RJ, Kayla, Ava, Ciara, Janelle, Noah (from left to right)
 Christmas 2013 - Janelle, Ciara, Noah, Ava
(From Top Left to Right) My Niece Kayla, My Sister Stephanie, Her Boyfriend Tom, My Niece Ava, My Niece Ciara
My brother Ben and his wife Loraine

Loraine, Mom, Ben, Dad

My brother Jason, his wife Keri, their children Janelle & Noah

Mom, Uncle Gene, Aunt Em
My Aunt Em and her husband Scott

My Mom and Scott
Sue, Mom, Ciara, Janelle, Ava (from left to right)

Dad, Ava, Ciara
My Cousin Michailah when we were kids :)
My Dad and My Grandma
My brothers wedding: Kayla, Stephanie, Jason, Keri, Me, Nicole (left to right)
Me & My Daughter Nicole
Grandma, Helene, Sue, Dad, Sandy
My Dad, My kids Travis & Nicole - 1993

Me & My Mom
My son Travis and his girlfriend Jen
My son RJ and his girlfriend Kelly
Me and my Grandma - RIP Lived 98 Beautiful Years!
Christmas 2013 - My sister Stephanie, Mom & Me
Christmas 2013 - Ben & Lorraine
Mom, Ciara, Lorraine, Ben
Christmas 2013 - Me & my nieces Ciara & Ava


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