How to REMOVE Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheet STAINS on CLOTHES

I had a load of clothes come out of the washing machine that were stained and covered with a bluish-purple tint. I then realized that it was from liquid fabric softener that did not dissolve correctly. I tried to wash them again but it was useless. Dryer sheets can also create random stains on your clothes that look like grease or oil. These stains will not come out from normal washing.

Fabric Softener Discolored & Stained
 I decided to try some of the most commonly used methods to try and remove the stains.

First I dampened the clothes and rubbed a Bar of White Bath Soap on the stains. I worked it in until it was fully lathered.

 I then applied Dawn Dish Soap directly to the stains and scrubbed for a few minutes.

I let the soapy clothes sit for about an hour. I then filled the sink with all hot water. I swished the clothes around with the end of a scrub brush for a few minutes.

 You can then run your clothes through a hot water wash with a Bleach Alternative Laundry Soap. Or just continue to rinse by hand with hot water until all of the soap has been removed.

RESULTS: After Stain Removal - 90% of the stains came out of my bra. My underwear (made of nylon/elastine) had about 50% success. The stains did come out of the cotton.

70% of the stains came out of my socks.

To avoid this from happening again:
 Always dilute the fabric softener 50/50 with hot water before adding it to the washer OR automatic dispenser. ONLY add fabric softener when the washer is FULL OF WATER AND AGITATING. If you are using the automatic dispenser, make sure that you flush it with hot water regularly to clean out the clumps that may have built up.


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