These are my "go to " Quick & Easy Hairstyles that I love for summer.

Modern Ballerina Bun - I made a high ponytail, loosely twisted my ponytail, then twisted it around & tucked the end back into the elastic. Pull hair from center to adjust. (No pins or inserts used.)

Add a decorative headband for a fun youthful look.
This will work on the beach, in the gym, and out to dinner. In stores at DSW

 Low Ballerina Bun with one elastic.
Braided Top Knot - I made a high ponytail then braided it & used a small elastic at the end. Twist the braid around and tuck it back into the elastic.

Side Part Ponytail
Classic Sleek Ponytail with straightened hair.

Messy Ponytail to Messy Bun: See HOW TO HERE

Messy Fishtail Braid.

Simple Side Braid - You can use bobby pins and hairspray for a neater look, or just let the pieces fall out for a more Boho Natural Look.

I started with Straightened Hair. Comb bangs back and secure with 2 bobby pins going in opposite directions.

Half Up with Claw Clip.

Sleek Side Ponytail with straightened hair - Hold hair in place with an elastic. Use a small piece of hair to wrap around and tuck back into the elastic.
Straightened Hair with one side up using a barrette.
Bouncy Curls with curling iron: See HOW TO Video HERE
Half French Braid Ponytail: See HOW TO Video HERE

Simple Beach Hair with Twisty Buns (no heat): See HOW TO Video HERE


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