DIY Pretty Woman Vivian Costume

The last time that I dressed up for Halloween was four years ago. I made this Pretty Woman Costume for under $30 including the boots! I purchased the white tank top, the jewelry, and the jacket at a thrift store. I then purchased the silver rings, material for the boots, and material for the skirt at a fabric store.

Julia Roberts - Vivian from Pretty Woman

To create the top of the dress I put the tank top on inside-out and drew the shape that I wanted with chalk. I then lay it flat and cut out the shape creating a "V" in the front and back. I sewed a small hem to finish the edges and I put the top back on. I then safety pinned the ring to the front and back. To create the bottom I wrapped the material around my waist and safety pinned it to size. I then marked the shape with chalk, trimmed the material, and hemmed it with a simple straight stitch. I put the skirt on and safety pinned it to the rings then sewed them into place. To make the thigh-high boots I wrapped the faux leather material around my knee high boots to extend the length. I pinned them to size and cut off the extra material. I then sewed a few pieces of black elastic across the back so I could slip them on and off.

Richard Gere & Julia Roberts - Edward & Vivian From Pretty Woman 

Richard Gere & Julia Roberts - Edward & Vivian From Pretty Woman 

Vivian & Kit - Best Friends From Pretty Woman

This is the first year that I am dressing up for Halloween since I made this Vivian costume four years ago. So far all I have decided is that I am wearing a black wig LOL. My boyfriend and I are brain storming to create a couples costume for a huge Halloween party. We are thinking in the direction of Day Of The Dead. I will post the finished outfits and photos after the party :-)

If you are looking to purchase a costume instead of make it, here are some great deals on costumes.

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