Lisa Anne Maynard
Always thankful for another year :-)

Born: November 1, 1968 (age 53) 
Raised: Marlborough, CT 
Nationality: Italian, Greek, European
My Children: (Ralph III) RJ, Travis, Nicole
My GrandchildrenPaityn - Born October 29, 2015
James Ralph - Born January 19, 2018
Harper Lynn - Born July 6, 2019
Brooklyn Rose - Born March 27, 2020

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Proud Mama with my three angels 2019. XO!!

Three Generations <3
Angel #4 my granddaughter Paityn XO!!

Angel #5 my grandson James Ralph

Baby James XO

Angel #6 my granddaughter Harper Lynn with my son Travis XO

Harper XO

Paityn, James, Harper XOXO

Angel #7 Brooklyn & Big sister Paityn

Welcome To My Happy Place :-)

I started working on my website having absolutely no idea what I was doing. I honestly had no clue what a blog even was! All I knew is that blogging was a creative outlet that made me feel good. It was also a way for me to heal after a painful breakup, becoming an empty-nester, and struggling to find "create myself." Beauty101byLisa quickly evolved into everything that I love and believe in. I started feeling inspired and passionate about just being myself and letting it all out. I have learned so much and overcame so many insecurities. This became "my happy place" and I decided to share my journey with the world on my 45th birthday, November 1, 2013. I hope that I can inspire others to embrace the beauty within yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself <3

WORK & VOLUNTEER: For most of my life I worked in Media Sales/Marketing and Graphic Design. I also went to hairdressing school and worked as a makeup artist in the 80's & 90's. Although I have not worked in the industry for many years, I still have a passion for helping women look and feel beautiful. For three years I volunteered for the American Cancer Society & Look Good Feel BetterI helped teach women with cancer beauty techniques to help them deal with the appearance related side effects of treatment. 

There are unlimited cosmetic tricks to improve your physical appearance, however beauty is so much more than how you look. Being beautiful starts with the love that you have for yourself and the love that you share with other people. You will look and feel more physically beautiful when you are full of love and happiness. Let your beauty shine from the inside out...

I share my own beauty routine, along with tips and tricks for haircareskincaremakeup ,  fashion & personal styleI open up about personal life experiences, including my own struggle of surviving a near death accident and dealing with chronic painI share my journey of starting over after divorce and creating a new life for myself after raising my three amazing childrenI share inspirational thoughts and positive ideas for increasing happiness, moving forward, and loving your beautiful life. Plus my favorite hobbies, Photography, Interior Design / Organizing  and  DIY Refashioning Clothes. 

Thank you for visiting :-) 
YOU Are Beautiful!!!




  1. You ARE NOT 45! Beautiful girl! Love the blog/website! Great tips!

    1. Thank you beautiful!!! I love your website too :-)

  2. I agree with the above comment. You can't be 45! You are lovely. Thanks for your work with LGFG.

    1. Thank you so much :-) It is very true - I am 45... Look Good Feel Better is an amazing program!! Please pass on this information to anyone interested in volunteering or to any women with cancer who can enjoy the free classes. Thank You


  3. Distinguished lady. I have a blog in which, among other things, I talk about fashion for mature people. It is a blog that I have recovered, after months of inactivity. Many women around the world were following, they authorized the use of his photographs and allowed to place a link to your blog on mine.

    I recently discovered your blog and I find it very interesting. I like their personal style and I think it is interesting to follow you. I also want to ask permission to use their photos on my blog occasionally to highlight their proposals. Use always be polite and with a link to your blog. Besides, I always communicate to you the use of their photos.

    Best Regards and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Josep-Maria​​ Badia

    1. Hello, Thank you for your kind words. Yes you are welcome to use my photos to post on your mature fashion website, and to link back to Beauty101byLisa.com. Have a wonderful day, Lisa

    2. Thank you very much Lisa. I will always use your photos with the maximum education and respect, linking to his blog, and warning you when I do. I really like your blog and your style, congratulations and kind regards.


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  5. Hi Lisa, thank you for creating such a fantastic blog (and YouTube channel) you are so inspiring and helpful!!!! I am 36 and hoping to learn from you : ) You are my 'online' role model; from taking care of yourself, sharing love and courage with others, love for your family, being vegetarian, kind, beauty and just being a fighter in life!!!


  6. ps, you look like J.Lo :)) it's super cool