On 8/24/15 I became a Gluten Free Vegan. 
I also stopped consuming artificial sweeteners, coffee, and tap water.

UPDATE 7/19/16
I am still 100% vegan, consuming no animal products, tap water, artificial sweeteners. or coffee. However, I had to start eating gluten again after my abdominal surgery and bowel obstruction.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 years old. I simply stopped liking meat, fish, and chicken. I still ate dairy and pretty much lived on greek yogurt and fat free cottage cheese. I knew that I wasn't eating as healthy as I could, however I felt good, looked good, and was effortlessly maintaining my weight with no exercise. *Please note the only reason I do not exercise is because of multiple orthopedic injuries. When my body allowed, I was the Exercise Queen! I do walk as much as I can. Exercise is good for you :-)

Edamame Soybeans

I have never been a good cook and my poor children had to suffer through the less than desirable meals that I would serve to them. I raised them as meat eaters, and to this day they joke about memorable disaster dishes that I put in front of them. Burnt steak still frozen in the middle was probably one of the most embarrassing moments. 

1999 - My kids eating a well cooked meal. I made the corn :)
I did make tasty birthday cakes for them, except for one year when the center was raw!
I just have to laugh, cooking is just not my thing.
My daughter Nicole & my niece Kayla - 1993
This cake I made was a success!

Since my children have all moved out on their own, I had not been cooking for myself at all. Recently I started cooking some simple vegan meals for dinner. I also eat small portions all day long. Basically I snack all day with no large meals. This keeps my metabolism fueled and I never feel hungry.  

For years I honestly didn't care that I was consuming artificial sweeteners in much of my food. I drank Crystal Light Fruit Punch containing Aspartame 24/7! I also used Turvia in my coffee. The first foods that I stopped consuming were coffee, fat free creamer, and all artificial sweeteners. You can read about the the side effects of caffeine here. You can read about the dangers and side effects of Aspartame Sweeteners Here. After reading about the dangers of drinking tap water, I now drink spring water or filtered water only! I then eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet completely. 

*Please note I am not promoting that my food choices are considered healthy or nutritionally balanced. This is just how I eat and what works for my body.

See more of what I eat here :-)

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