My Mom & Dad

MY Beautiful MOM & DAD

My parents have given me a family full of love
and kindness and beauty.
They have shown me the true meaning
of being beautiful on the inside.
I love you Mom & Dad... Thank you for all you have done.
1967 - My Dad & Mom
My Handsome Dad in the NAVY
My Beautiful Mom - Nursing School Graduation
Me & My Beautiful Mom!

My DOB: November 1, 1968 (age 45)
Raised: Marlborough, CT
Nationality: French, Italian, German (as far as I know) 
My mother was adopted and is not sure of her heritage.
My paternal grandfather grew up
in an orphanage and does not know his heritage.
1970 – Mom, Dad & Me
Yes, my dress really says LISA!
My Mom sewed it herself and loved to have me
walk around looking like a fruit cake! 

1969 - Me, Mom & Dad
Mom made the dress she is wearing in this photo
and stitched it by hand!

Paternal Grandparents: Gene & Ann
with My dad & me 
(RIP Grandma, lived 98 years & Grandpa, lived 92 years)

Maternal Grandparents: Elliott & Ebba
with my baby sister & me 
(RIP Nana, lived 78 years & BincaBacca, lived 68 years)

2012 - Mom, Dad & (Sue my other Mom)

No it's not "Sister Wives"... My parents got divorced
and my father has been with Sue for almost 30 years.
I love you Sue... I am so grateful to have you in my life!

Dad & Sue's Wedding Day
The Annual Christmas Eve Kiss
 Gram, Mom, Sue, Helene (from left to right) 
(RIP Grandma, lived 98 years & Helene, lived 84 years)

Mom, Dad, Sue
Oh how I love my family! 
2013 Christmas - Dad, Me, Mom

2014 Mother's Day - Mom & Me <3

2014 Father's Day - Dad & Me <3
4th of July 2014  - Dad & Me <3

My Siblings ...
I am the oldest of four children. My sister and I are biological siblings and my brothers were adopted into our family as babies.
1975 - Dad, Mom, Me, Jason, Ben, Stephanie

This is what my Mom had written on the back of 
our family photo...
1975 - Me and My Brother Ben

 (Jason, Me, Dad, Ben, Stephanie - from left to right)
 My Dad built this go cart and broke his knee right after this photo was taken. We were cranking down the driveway and he put his leg out to stop us from crashing into the garage! Poor Daddio.

1979 - Me, Stephanie, Ben, Jason

1980 - Stephanie, Ben, Me, Jason
 (From Left to Right)

 1987 - Jason, Me, My Son RJ, Stephanie, Ben

Christmas 2008 - Ben, Me, Stephanie, Jason
 2011 - Me, Ben, Stephanie, Jason
 (From Left to Right)

2012 - Ben, Me, Jason, Stephanie (from left to right)
Christmas 2013 - Ben, Stephanie, Me, Jason