My Siblings

MY Beautiful FAMILY
1975 - Dad, Mom, Me, Jason, Ben, Stephanie
I am the oldest of four children. My sister and I are biological siblings and my brothers were adopted into our family as babies.
This is what my Mom had written on the back of 
our family photo...
1975 - Me and My Brother Ben

 (Jason, Me, Dad, Ben, Stephanie - from left to right)
 My Dad built this go cart and broke his knee right after this photo was taken. We were cranking down the driveway and he put his leg out to stop us from crashing into the garage! Poor Daddio.

1979 - Me, Stephanie, Ben, Jason

1980 - Stephanie, Ben, Me, Jason
 (From Left to Right)

 1987 - Jason, Me, My Son RJ, Stephanie, Ben

Christmas 2008 - Ben, Me, Stephanie, Jason
 2011 - Me, Ben, Stephanie, Jason
 (From Left to Right)

2012 - Ben, Me, Jason, Stephanie (from left to right)
Christmas 2013 - Ben, Stephanie, Me, Jason

my family

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  1. you have a beautiful family .You look just like your Mom