My Natural Pain Control

The best pain control is having a positive attitude. Surround yourself with positive people. Focus on what makes you happy and the things that you are able to do. If you focus on your pain, or talk about your pain, or complain about your pain, you will feel worse! Take the time to pamper yourself a little; and take the time to laugh a lot!  When you are happy inside yourself and you feel good about the way you look, you will feel better!

This is one of my favorite methods for pain control. You can move the reusable pads around to any part of your body as you need relief.

A clinically proven method to reduce pain using electrical stimulus.

With a TENS system, a portable stimulator generates a current which flows through leads to electrodes placed in specific locations on the patient’s skin. The low voltage current causes an electrical reaction in sensory and motor nerve fibers, overriding pain message transmission. The frequency and intensity of the stimulus are carefully controlled. TENS can also stimulate endorphin production.

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Tennis or lacrosse balls are great for massaging your own back. I lay on the floor with them placed underneath painful areas of my back. I also use them leaning up against a wall or while I am laying in bed or on the couch. It's a great way to relieve muscle spasms.

I learned Reiki to help with my pain control. I practice daily Reiki Self-Treatment.

I do my best to move my body as much as possible. I walk on my treadmill and watch TV. I always watch a show that revolves around dancing. It helps me focus on the image of my body being a flawless machine. This helps me push through the pain. 

It varies from day to day how long I can walk, or if my body will let me exercise at all. To walk or to pedal for even a few minutes each day makes a huge difference in circulation and helps with pain. I have learned the hard way not to push it and to listen to my body. I am thankful for every step I take!

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