Gluten Free Vegan BREAKFAST IDEAS with Protein

Thank you to my friend Susan who told me about this. It works like a charm!! 

I stopped drinking coffee cold-turkey. This was definitely a tough one for me... I loved my coffee!!! After reading about the harmful effects of coffee my decision was a no-brainer. I had withdrawals for a few days and I was definitely not happy to say the least LOL. I found that brewing my naturally decaffeinated tea right in the coffee pot made my morning routine more enjoyable. I now use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Cinnamon, and UltraMeal Advanced Protein (Gluten & Dairy FREE) = 20g of Protein Per Serving (10g per scoop).
After reading about the dangers of drinking tap water, I now drink Spring water only!!

KIND Healthy Grains Clusters, Fruit & Nut, 11 oz = 10g of Protein Per Serving (1/2 cup), Nutiva: Organic Shelled Hempseed, 3 lb = 10g of Protein Per Serving (3tbsp).

Apple with Natural Nut Butter

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Greens Plus Organics, Superfood, Raw, 8.46 oz

Garden of Life RAW Meal Replacement, Vanilla, 16.7 oz

I am hooked on this UltraMeal Advanced Protein! I mix 1 scoop in my decaffeinated tea in the morning and 1 scoop in water or almond milk at the end of the day. This gives me an extra 20g of protein, along with tons of vitamins and amino acids. I have tried both chocolate and vanilla and love them both!

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Product!

Blender Bottle 2-Pack Classic 20 oz Shaker w/ Loop Top - Clear/Pink & Clear/Blue

Stay Healthy XO!

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