DIY: Skirt & Shirt Refashion

 Rose Print Skirt

This pencil skirt had an elastic waistband that created unflattering belly bulge. I refashioned the waistband to make it more comfortable and create a smooth line. This can be done with a dress, or longer skirt.

1 - Cut the elastic waistband off.

2 - Put the skirt on inside-out and fold the new waistband down until the length is where you want it.
3 - Use safety pins to hold the waistband in place.

4 - Cut the new waistband off.

5 - Use straight pins to attach the waistband. Make sure the material is (print side to print side) when you are pinning so the seam will be on the inside. Double check before sewing.

6 - Stretch the fabric as you sew on the waistband using a straight stitch.

7 - I then finished the seam with a zigzag stitch and sewed the label back onto the skirt.

You can wear the waistband up as shown, or fold it down.
I also refashioned my shirt. It was a maxi dress, then I made it into a mini dress, now I made it into a shirt. See Shirt Details Here

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