DIY: Leggings Waistband Refashion

I always refashion the waistbands of my leggings. 
Adding thick elastic creates a smooth line that flatters your body.

1 - Wrap the elastic around your waist and pin it to size with a safety pin. Next, sew the elastic diagonally back & forth a few times. Cut excess off.

Where I Purchase My Elastic:   
2 1/2" Knitted Elastic = 3 yards / $3.00

2 - Put the leggings on and position the new waistband over your leggings (elastic seam facing your skin.) Pin with safety pins.

3 - Remove the tag from the waistband to re-attach later. Sew the elastic with a simple straight stitch. Use two hands to stretch the elastic and material as you sew.

4 - I then flipped the leggings over so I could see my stitches. I sewed all the way around once more, about 1/4" apart (again stretching the elastic & material.) Then carefully cut the old waistband off.

5 - I then sewed the tag back onto the new waistband. 

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  1. I really enjoy seeing your DIY fashion hacks. They make me wish I knew how to sew! ;-)


    1. Thank you so much! I'm really not great as sewing I just love customizing my clothes :-)