Me and Daddio <3

October 31, 2014 Dad officially finished his radiation and chemotherapy!!! His wife Sue planned a "big boy pants party" because Dad has been wearing his big boy pants during treatment. We all had to wear our own version of big boy pants to show our support for Dad. Some of the ideas were great and Dad had such an amazing time! Thank you so much Sue for coming up with such a great idea and hosting such a wonderful party!!

 My daughter Nicole and me

 My sister-in-law Loraine, me and my brother Ben

My Mom is such a trooper. She just had skin cancer removed from the corner of her eye and she showed up with her "big girl pants" on!

 My son Travis, me and mom

 Mom and Dad's wife Sue

 Me and my son Travis

 He's got pillows packed in his overalls LOL

 Me and Daddio <3


 My niece's Ava and Ciara



 My son RJ and his girlfriend Kelly

 Me & my son's RJ and Travis - They stuffed their pants with pillows!!

 Dad and my niece Ava
 Dad and my daughter Nicole

 My sister Stephanie and her boyfriend Tommy

 Me and my brother Ben

 Ben and his wife Loraine

 Me & my daughter Nicole

 Kelly with a diaper on her head

 My son RJ and me

 My niece's Ciara and Ava

 My niece Kayla and her husband Zach - Expecting their first baby <3

 My daughter Nicole, Step Mom Sue, Sister-in-law Loraine

 Dad, Ben, Me, Loraine

 Me and my sister Stephanie

Me and my daughter Nicole

 Me, Dad, and my sister Stephanie

 My 3 children: RJ, Nicole, Travis

Mom, Dad & Dad's wife Sue

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