L'OREAL Gel Nail Polish Review

My daughter Nicole and I tried this L'OREAL Gel-Lacque Nail Polish. We put it to the test to see how long it wold last. My favorite thing is how quickly it dries. I took a shower 15-20 minutes after I applied it and my nails were prefect!! 
My polish didn't start to chip until day 8. 
Nicole's polish didn't start to chip until day 12. 

To get the longest wear possible, use a Nail Buffer then wipe nails clean with nail polish remover before applying. If you don't prepare your nails correctly, you are wasting your time painting them.

I just re-applied it and this time I am going to add another layer of the top coat after 4 days to see if I can get it to last even longer. 

I purchased this at CVS Pharmacy. The Primer & Glaze Kit was $12.99 and the Nail Color was $8.49

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