Fabulous Push-Up Bra's

Taking the time to find a great fitting bra can completely change the way that your body looks...

* Gives your body a more youthful appearance
* Look & feel better in clothes
* Makes you look thinner
* Elongates your torso
* Improves your posture 

 After having 3 children gravity has taken it's toll on my deflated 34D's. Here are some of my favorite push-up bras that bring "the girls" back to life :-)

SHOP: Fabulous by VS (one of my favorite push-ups) 

(Photo of me & my daughter Nicole) I am wearing Fabulous Push-Up by VS.
Super Comfortable!

SHOP: Pink Push-Up by VS - I love the convertible straps!
(one of my comfy favorites) 

SHOP: Bombshell Add 2-Cups (great for smaller bust.) This bra is overkill for me, however if you want dramatic padding and lift, this is your dream bra!

I'm wearing Fabulous Push-Up by VS

SHOP: Lane Bryant (Up to Cup Size H)
SHOP: Fredrick's of Hollywood

See how to make any bra into a Multi-Way Convertible Bra HERE


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