DIY: Adjustable Headbands

You can make almost any headband adjustable by using a bra strap or cami strap. You can refashion a headband that you already have, or make your own from scratch. You can use any scraps of fabric, a tank top, bandana, shirt, or scarf, anything will work. Have fun and get creative :-)

You can make approximately six headbands using one Cami. Two will have adjustable straps and you can use regular elastic for the rest.

Online Fabric Store: 1/2" Elastic

How to make an adjustable fabric headband using a Cami Tank Top: 

Measure and cut a piece of material approximately 14" x 5"

I Love headbands but it is so frustrating when they don't fit properly. Here are two headbands that I purchased and refashioned with adjustable straps:

 I used a Cami Tank Top Strap to refashion this headband. You can make this yourself by using a piece of chain and weaving ribbon through the links. 

Have Fun :-)

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