GIRL TALK - Happy, Healthy, Vaginas!!!

Wear Cotton Underwear & No Thongs to Bed!
Let it breathe :-)

These are my favorite Victoria's Secret bedtime panties :-)

VS Cotton Lingerie Lace-Waist Bikini Panty

VS Cotton Lingerie String Bikini Panty

VS Cotton Lingerie Lace-Waist Hiphugger Panty

VS Cotton Lingerie Lace-Waist Thong Panty

Use FEMININE WASH Instead of Soap

I never, ever, ever, use anything other than feminine wash on the Va-JJ. I used to use a homeopathic wash and it is now discontinued. This one is excellent with a mild fresh scent, not perfumey!!! It helps support a healthy pH balance - Contains LactoPrebiotic - Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Vagisil Intimate Wash, pH Balance, 12 Ounce
Stay Fresh and Clean with 
 These are my favorite flushable wipes. I have tried every brand and these win in every category!!! They smell great, are Non-Irritating, Soft, Don't fall apart, and are a Great Price :-) They can also be purchased in Stop & Shop stores.

Equate Fresh Scent Flushable Wipes / 144 wipes ONLY $3.97!

The Perfect Moisturizing Natural Lubricant
My skin is so sensitive and I am always looking for natural products to use on my skin. I use Coconut Oil in my hair, on my face, hands, feet, and yes, my vagina. It is the best natural, non-irritating, lubricant, that is hydrating and good for your skin. It's inexpensive, gentle, smells good, and it's edible ;-) Coconut Oil is perfect to use instead of KY, or other lubes that are full of chemicals, or may contain irritating ingredients.

TEA TREE OIL - Natural Healing 
 Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. It heals wounds quickly and 
protects from infection. This is a perfect natural solution to vaginal irritation 
from menstruation, intercourse, and yeast infections.

Tea Tree - LARGE 4 OUNCE - 100% Pure Essential Oil (Best 4 fl oz / 118 ml)

Natural Yeast Infection Cures  

from the Inside-Out 

You can prevent a yeast infection before it starts.

  • Eat tons of Yogurt 
  • Take Probiotics 
  • Take Garlic Pills - Garlic kills yeast
  • Reduce Sugar & Alcohol Intake - Yeast feeds on sugar
  • Use PH Balanced Feminine Wash instead of soap
  • Use Tea Tree Oil Solution - Tea Tree kills yeast
  • Wear Cotton Panties, loose pants or a skirt - Let it breathe :-)  

Victoria's Secret has a great selection of sexy cotton panties.

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