DIY - Boot Socks / Leg Warmers

It's boot weather and I love to wear tall socks and leg warmers. You can scrunch them, fold them so the are just peeking out of your boots, cuff them down over your boots, or pull them up over your knees (which looks best on bare legs). This is a super quick and easy way to up-cycle your old sweaters or leggings.

Just cut the arms off of an old sweater with a sharp pair of scissors. To use an old pair of leggings, just cut them at the knee. You can sew the unfinished edge if you want, but there is really no need. I just put the unfinished end in my boots.

Over the Knee Socks
Chunky Knit Leg Warmers

Tall Fleece Socks
Tall Fleece Socks
Tall Fleece Socks

My boots are super comfortable with a 2" heel rest design and 
they have an extra zipper for wide calves - Aerosoles

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