My Reality Check...

My Favorite Natural Pain Control - My Empi TENS

Even the days like today, where my pain literally takes my breath away, and I can't hold back the tears, I will smile even bigger! I will stay positive and be productive. I will picture my body healing and being healthy. I will give love to my body instead of being angry and frustrated.

This is my reality. I survived a near death accident and I will live with chronic pain for the rest of my life.... This is Not who I am. This does Not define me. This does Not have control of me.

This is a huge step for me to let anyone know that I am in pain. I will hide this any way that I can. I never want anyone to look at me with pity because I refuse to be a victim. I am choosing to live my life with passion, love, and happiness.

Again today I was hiding my pain. My daughter Nicole just called me, and hearing her sweet voice made me break down and cry. (Thank you my baby-boo for making your Momma feel better.) I realized that by sharing what I am going through, I can also share my strength and determination and hopefully help someone else.

I am sending HUGS, LOVE and STRENGTH to everyone! Whatever you are going through, you are not alone... Stay Strong & Stay Positive!

Me and My Beautiful Daughter Nicole <3

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