The selfie jokes are endless, but I simply love taking pictures. Never again will I have to be disappointed and say, "I wish I had my camera right now." The reality is that photographs let us capture moments that we can look back on forever. We can instantly share a moment and stay connected with each other. 

The Mirror Selfie... 
Keep the camera at mid level and make your arm look as natural as possible. Angle your body not your arm. 

As you can see, most mirror selfies that I take have clothes and shoes all over the floor. I am usually in the middle of changing clothes and my wardrobe is flying everywhere. If you want the photo to look better, clean up and be aware of what's in the background.

I like to use mirror selfies when I am trying to figure out what to wear. Sometimes it's easier to decide from a photo what I feel like wearing.

When taking a standard closeup selfie, always Shoot From Above. Hold the camera higher up above eye level. This will make you look thinner, make your eyes look bigger, and avoids any neck chub. 

I used to dread having my picture taken because I was self-conscious. The most important thing is to believe that You Can Take A Good Picture - Yes Anyone!! If you think that you can't take a good picture, then you never will. Believe that you are beautiful and you will be beautiful. It's so much more than how you physically look. How you feel will come through in your photos.

Keep trying different angles...

Slightly Tilt Your Chin at an angle, to the side, or down. Keep trying different positions by moving the camera and changing hands. Laugh at yourself and have fun. Just keep moving and clicking...

Try holding the camera slightly lower.
Sometimes holding the camera a little lower can give you a great photo. Notice my chin is angled to cover my neck. And in the second photo my hair is covering my neck.

Enhance your features and add interest to your photos with Makeup and Accessories.

When someone tells me that I am photogenic I can't help but laugh and tell them my secret to getting a good picture. I always take multiple shots before I even look to see if any came out good. Sometimes I literally take twenty pictures and only keep one! Don't torture yourself with the photos that you don't like of yourself. Delete them and only keep the ones that make you feel good about yourself :-)

The lighting will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos.

This is me and my friend Angela. I took this picture in low light. The photo on the left looks grainy and exaggerates shadows that are not flattering. In the picture on the right I used a flash in the same low light. Even though the flash reflected in our eyes, the quality of the picture is much better. You will get the best results with natural light.

These photos were taken in front of my vanity with daylight bulbs shining directly at my face. You can see the reflection of the strip lights in my eyes. This is as close as you will get to real daylight and the photos come out beautiful with no shadows.

These are selfies of me and my Daddio that I took outside on a bright sunny day. My dad, being a professional photographer, thought this was so funny. He said, "Remember the hours I used to spend the darkroom developing photos, and now we are taking selfies?" We were both laughing and got some great shots. 

Take Multiple Pictures and move slightly each time. This way you have a much better chance of getting a shot that you really like. Don't take one picture and think that you are not photogenic. Keep trying and have fun with it. Those genuine smiles and silly moments will make the best pictures.

 This is me and my daughter Nicole. We love to capture our mommy-daughter moments. We took this photo in the car on a sunny day. It was off center and the sun was creating shadows. 
First I cropped the picture. Then I used a filter that is built into my Iphone to brighten it and even out the glare from the sun.

Take turns holding the camera to get different angles.

Loosen up... The best photos will be a genuine look that is not stiff. If you want to get a vogue shot - then pose it up. If you are feeling happy - then blast a smile into the camera. If you are feeling sexy - let that thought shine through your eyes. If you are feeling silly - then be a goofball.. If you want to do the kissy face or the duck face - go for it once in a while as a funny pic. 
Have fun and change it up!!

I was lying in bed when I took this upside down pic way above my head. All of the other pics came out terrible and enhanced my dark under eye circles. When I flipped the photo over the lighting was perfect! 

Your true emotion and how you feel will come through in your photos.

Use the fun Photo Editing options that your phone offers. Why not make your photos look more vibrant, interesting, and artsy? 
Be creative and have fun with it. 


 If you are posting a photo on Instagram, they have some great filters that you can choose just before you post it. I also like to set my camera to SQUARE when I am taking an Instagram photo. This lets you see the picture already cropped into a square before Instagram crops it.

I also use this TimerCam App. This is the greatest thing! The app lets you set a self-timer on your cell phone to take hands free photos. 

(I like using this TimerCam when I am making DIY Tutorials.)

Taking pictures should be fun and about making memories that you can look back at.  Who cares what anyone thinks. Just have fun and capture the moments that make you feel good and make you smile :-)

Oh wait, let me take a selfie :-) LOL

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  1. I think that among the things you've already mentioned an hdr photo editor can be a handy tool too.