DIY T-SHIRT REFASHION: Three Simple Cuts - Endless Ways to Wear It...

I came across this great video by Anne Hollabaugh. (Refashioning a T-Shirt into a Vest.) I posted her video at the bottom of this page so you can watch it. I loved her idea so much that it inspired my existing obsession with T-shirts!! Yup, it's a problem lol... Now I will be digging into my T-shirt stash because my daughter wants me to make her a bunch of them too :-) It is so quick and easy using only three simple cuts!

I decided to use smaller size T-Shirts and try a few different variations.


Great as a Beach Cover Up!

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This tie-back tank happened by accident. I cut the neck of the T-shirt too much and the back was hanging way too low. (Start by cutting as little as possible - you can always cut more.) I then cut the back strap in half and tied it. It makes the shirt more fitted and gives it a cute look.

On this vest I tied both sides together to create a cropped look
On this vest I tied (only the two center pieces of material) and I left the bottom hanging down to create a point. I am wearing a black cropped cami underneath.
Have Fun!!!

5 Minute Draped Vest: Video by Anne A. Hollabaugh

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  1. I love this, the last would make a great workout top.

    1. Hi Sheila, Thank you! I had to force myself to stop making these tanks. They are so versatile that I wanted one in every color.. Plus my daughter had me make her some:-) Enjoy!!