Happy Mother's Day - 2014

I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day <3

 2014 - Mom & Me on Mother's Day <3  
 2014 - Mom & Me on Mother's Day <3
 I Love You Mom!

Me & My Beautiful Mom - 1968
Me & My Mother are the same age in these photos with our babies. 
We are both 23, the same age that my daughter is now :-)

Me & My Angels - 1992 (RJ, Nicole, Travis, Me)

 Me & My Angels - 2014 (Travis, Nicole, Me, RJ)
This is a rare moment... I am lucky to get my boys to stand still for a photo once or twice a year :-)

 2014 - My Baby Girl & Me 
 (My daughter will take pictures with me all day!)

 2014 - Mother's Day (Mom, Me, Nicole) 

2014- Mother's Day selfies :-) Me & Nicole

The perfect ending to a perfect Mother's Day <3


  1. Hi Lisa. I just saw all UR pics U have a beautiful family! For the last 4 years its been my son & I, ZAKK just turned 18 on Thursday! We are our own little family now but maybe someday soon we will b part of a new family.. The road has been tough these last 4 YRS..as I was in a domestic violence household.. But I'm divorced now a year so we are doing much better, Can u maybe dedicate or post something on ur blog about single moms without making it depressing..Well u keep looking great & being an inspiration to us..!! Hugs & kisses. Mandi

    1. Hi Mandi, Hang in there! I have also been through domestic violence and I am soooo proud of you for getting out. It's amazing how strong we really are especially when we are protecting our children from toxic situations. I became a mom at 17, and my children have always been my motivation and source of strength. Even now that they are grown, I am more determined than ever to lead by example and share what I have learned. As my children and I have grown up together, I am still their mom and my job is to work hard on making myself better. When we are healthy and happy, we can be the best mother for our children. Stay strong and make time for yourself. Here is a post that I did that you might enjoy: "Change your Mind Change Your Life" <3 Lisa

  2. Not sure why that link isn't working :-// You can go to My CATEGORIES - GetPOSITIVE - Change Your Mind Change Your Life.