SOFT LIPS & Flawless All Day Color

If I am going to wear lip color I prefer a Lip Stain VS Lipstick. I love not having to re-apply all day or worry about it smudging.

I always seem to go back to REVLON Colorstay. This has the lip color in one end and a clear gloss in the other. I only wish they would sell a double sided (clear gloss) because it always runs out much faster than the lip stain. I have tried to use a different gloss over the lip stain but it's definitely not the same. Other glosses seem to interfere with the lip stain and the color wears off.
The first step to flawless all day lip color is to exfoliate your lips. You can purchase a lip scrub or make your own at home. Mixing Honey and Raw Sugar is one of my favorites.

To get the best results from a lip stain like Revlon Colorstay, your lips need to be completely clean of any lotion, chapstick or makeup.

After you exfoliate, apply your face makeup, then rub your lips with a damp washcloth, then dry. Now you can apply the lip stain to your bare exfoliated lips. If you make a mistake you can wipe it off with a Q-tip while the color is still wet.

To avoid caking use a paper towel and blot the wet color on your lips. This will help to avoid that flaky, dry, uneven look. Continue to apply layers of color and blotting until you are happy with the coverage. Now wait a full 60+ seconds and apply the clear gloss.


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