How To Refashion: DRESS to MAXI SKIRT with Side Slit.

I decided to refashion this dress because it just didn't fit right and the bottom was too tight to walk. First I cut the dress in half at the waist. I cut as high as I could without cutting through the zipper in the back.
I then used 2 inch stretch knit elastic. I wrapped it around my waist and cut to size leaving an extra 1-2" overlap.

I sewed the elastic vertically so that it was a complete circle waistband. I then stepped into it and put it around my waist. I then tried the skirt on and tucked the material under the elastic to create a waistband. 

I used safety pins to hold the elastic in place and I took the skirt off. I then used a simple straight-stitch and sewed just underneath the elastic all the way around the waistband. (I always start in the back center.) 
To make the side slits I put the skirt back on. I used a safety pin to mark how high I wanted the slits to go. 

I then folded the skirt in half and layed it flat with the side seam facing up (black panel up.) I then cut along the seam until I reached the safety pin marker.

I folded the material under to create a 1/4" hem along the new side-slit. I sewed it with a simple straight stitch for a finished look.

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