1. Hi, Lisa!
    I stumbled upon your youtube channel and loved it...when you announced your husband wanted a divorce, it was in those days that my boyfriend of two years broke up with me. I´m devastated, cannot stop thinking about him, cannot stop obsessing over him, I keep re reading messages and it´s all so confusing because he contradicts himself all the time. I thought we were so strong together, I thought I had found the one, you know? Because we clicked in every sense from the beginning, we had chemistry in every aspect from the moment we met, of course there were tough times, butevery couple goes through that. I don´t know what to do, he has told several people that he´s confused and needs time...on one hand I do want him back, but on the other, how can I ever believe anything he says again? How can I trust him again when he tore my soul apart? I know I HAVE to move on, but the memories are crushing me...
    I am writing to you because I dreamt about you the other night! I guess I must have watched one of your videos and then I dreamt about you...we where at your new house, and I was just admiring you for being so brave.
    I know there´s life after this, but I can´t stop thinking about all the what ifs...I wish I had your mindset...
    Anyway, just wanted to pop in here, say hi and say how I admire the way you have handled everything.