DIY Birthday Gift For My Husband - 2/24/17 XOXO!

I was searching for the perfect gift online for my husbands birthday and nothing seemed meaningful enough to show him how much I love him. I Googled DIY Gifts For Him and this idea was calling my name. I knew he would love it, so I put my own spin on it and made it personal just for him.

* An old deck of playing cards
* Matte photo printer paper
* Thin rope/twine
* Hole puncher
* A glue stick
* Paper cutter

I found 51 of my favorite photos and re-sized them in Photoshop to the same size as the playing cards (2.5 x 3.5). I then used Microsoft Word to type out 52 reasons why I love my hubby. I used Cooper Black font size 18 for the cover and Bradley Hand font size 14 and centered the text. I then cut to size with my paper cutter. Now lay everything out and match the sayings to the photos and start gluing. I then used my hole punch then threaded the rope through the holes to attach the cards. 

You can do this with or without the photos and it will still be a super thoughtful gift. Even hand written reasons why you love someone would be perfect! This is really a great gift for any occasion and for anyone you love XOXO.

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