As I look in the mirror at my 10 week post-op body that is still swollen, stiff, and painful, I realize how important it is to love myself. I will be 48 years-old this year and I still have to remind myself that my 5' 4" curvy, scarred body is perfect just the way it is. I made a promise to myself to treat my body with love and respect. Even though at times I feel as though it is betraying me and not working the way that I would like it to. This post is for everyone who needs a reminder that you are beautiful just the way you are. One of my favorite books The Mastery Of Love has helped me to love and accept myself more than I ever thought possible. You are a perfect masterpiece XOXO. Sending Love!!! 

My surgeon told me to keep my scar out of the sun for at least one year so it will heal and fade. I have never liked the way that my body looks in a one-piece because I have a short torso. I found some great (bust supportive) Monokinis that look like a bikini in the back and cover my scar perfectly!

I will still need to put sunscreen on my scar with this swimsuit, but I couldn't resist!!

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  1. you look beautiful!! glad you're back :)
    Southern Elle Style

  2. Thanks so much for the feature Lisa, I REALLY appreciate it! Love that royal blue monokini! :)

    1. You are very welcome Candace!! Thank you for sharing XOXO

  3. You have a such a great bod! Your post is inspiring and you look great in all your swimwear!

  4. Cute suits...I am 51 and yes embracing my body as it! I wish I was as brave as you to post in a suit! You go girl! You look cute in them all!

    Fashion and travel

    1. Thank you so much Valerie!! I got the courage for this post by thinking about my three children, my granddaughter, my nieces, and everyone else (including myself) who may struggle with accepting their body XOXO