Coed BBQ Baby Shower XO!

2/3/91 - My daughter Nicole 
I saved this outfit from when she was born and gave it to her at her baby shower :-)

I can't believe that my baby girl Nicole is all grown up and is giving birth to my first grandchild in 5 weeks!! We had the most perfect day for her outdoor Barbecue Baby Shower. Having all of our friends and family together to celebrate made the day absolutely perfect. Thank you so much to everyone for coming and for all of your help with food, games, and decorations XOXO!!

Nicole 35 Weeks Pregnant 

Mommy & Daddy To Be XOXO!

Me and my 3 beautiful children XOXO!

Me, My 3 Children & Their Loves :-)

My Sister, Mom, Nicole & Me

My wonderful boyfriend Ransom who did all of the cooking and helped to make this day perfect. 
Thank you for all of your help XO!

Mom & Dad :-)

These delicious cupcakes from Giovanni's Italian Pastries were the talk of the party! And a Huge Thank You to Sue Morin for creating these beautiful cupcake towers XO!

Daddio and My Moms :-)

Dad and My Brother Ben Being Goofballs :-)

Me & My Baby Brothers XO!

The Baby Bumps XOXO

The Baby Bottle Game
Fill the bottle with the beverage of your choice and start chugging! Whoever finishes first wins a prize.

Thank you so much to Sara who did such a wonderful job with the raffles and games XO!!

Thank you Angela for all of your help XO!!

Thank you everyone for making this such an amazing day for my daughter Nicole and Tyler XOXO!!

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