Yesterday my daughter Nicole had a gender reveal party to tell us that she is having a baby girl!!! She is scheduled to deliver Paityn on October 29th, 2015. I am so excited to meet my granddaughter XO! We had such a perfect day on the lake with our family and friends. Thank you so much Dad & Sue for having the party at your house. I Love You!

My beautiful daughter Nicole XO! 
I am so proud of you my baby girl. I Love You

I got just a little excited when the pinata broke open LOL

My mom & dad XO

Nicole & my sister Stephanie

Me, Dad, Stephanie XO

Nicole & My niece Kayla. 

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time with our daughters and now they are (WERE) pregnant together!! 
Kayla delivered baby Russell 3 days after this photo was taken, 8lbs.11oz - XOXO.

My Mom and Dad's wife Sue :-)

Sister selfie with Daddio XO

Me & My Children XO

My Three Angels XO

The proud parents to be XO

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