Photo Source: byebyedoctor

Milia are (tiny hard white bumps) that appear when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of skin. Pimples are in the pores, and Milia are hard keratin protein cysts trapped under the skin. This makes Milia extremely difficult to remove without damaging your skin.

I have had MILIA on my left eye for about one year now. I kept picking at them and they would just get worse. Last night I grabbed a needle and was going to get them out once and for all.... NOT!!! 

I looked in the mirror shaking my head for even thinking about it!! I put the needle down and decided to call around today to find a professional to remove the Milia bumps.

No one would remove them because they were on my eyelid, and one bump was literally in my lash-line at the root of my eyelashes. 

I was referred to (Jan Licitra - Licensed Electrologist.) She actually fit me in today for an appointment!! She was excellent!!! It really did Not hurt and it only took about 15-20 minutes. She used some kind of heated laser with a needle on the end. All of my Milia bumps were SAFELY REMOVED for only $40!!! Thank you so much Jan!!!

Unfortunately I did not get any "before photos" because I was rushing to make the last-minute appointment. Where you see the red on my eye, there were 4 white milia bumps (two on the lid, one in the lash-line & one in the outer corner). 

If you have Milia please put the needle down and call a professional :-)

Thank You Jan!!


  1. that looks painful but i am happy you had them removed!

    1. Thank you. It really was not painful. Jan did an amazing job removing them :-)

    2. Was there a needle for freezing or some other numbing agent?

    3. There was no numbing agent needed. She used a heated laser so there was no pulling and picking at the skin.

  2. Hi,

    I live in Cambodia and i Have had Malia per years. How can I go to treat Malia out? Please tell me

    1. Hi, I do not recommend trying to get milia out yourself. This could cause scarring or infection. Hopefully you can find an experienced professional in your area who can safely remove your melia. Good Luck :-)