How To Make Your Jeans Fit Better

I am one of those women who can never find a pair of jeans that flatter my body right off the rack. 
Buying jeans with stretch allows me to customize them exactly how I want.

The first alteration that I make to all of my jeans is lowering one belt loop. It's amazing how this 
one little trick makes my butt look rounder and lifts it up.

Another way to make your butt look better in jeans is to tighten the inner thigh. 
If the thigh is loose on my jeans, my butt looks flat. As soon as I tighten the thigh, 
it puffs up my butt and creates a more toned appearance.

Create a smooth line and reduce muffin top by stretching the waistband. Attach to pants just out of the wash and hang to dry. You can also use a spray bottle to dampen the waistband before stretching.

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