Thought for the day... Kindness

The Gift of Kindness...
Yesterday I had been sitting in rush-hour traffic and my back was killing me, but I had to stop at the grocery store before I went home. I could tell by the amount of cars in the parking lot that the store was overly packed with people, and the lines were long. 

I always make a point of smiling at people especially when I am feeling crappy about anything. So as I walked into the store, I energized myself with love and kindness. I smiled at every person that I walked by.

I saw an elderly man coming towards me and he was looking miserable. I made eye contact and gave him the sweetest smile that I had. He looked right at me and didn't flinch. I smiled to myself as I passed by him knowing that I tried. I didn't let it hurt my feelings at all. I actually felt bad for him wondering why he was so sad.

As I was standing in the check-out line, I looked up and saw the man clearly looking over at me and smiling. My heart filled up. For one moment he felt happy and wanted to return the smile.

It is so simple to make someones day. Give the gift of kindness every day. We all have plenty of kindness to give. Kindness Matters. XOXO