My Beautiful Family - Christmas 2014

I am so grateful for my beautiful family XOXO. 
We were missing some family members this year that could not make it to our Christmas Eve Party. We missed you Aunt Em, Uncle Scott, Aunt Alex, my brother Ben, his wife Loraine, and my cousin Michailah. We were able to FaceTime Michailah, also Ben and Loraine who are in sunny Antigua.

My brother Ben & my sister-in-law Loraine

My brother Jason & My Dad

Kayla & Nicole - Cousins three months apart XO

My sister Stephanie and her children Ciara, Kayla & Ava. 
We found out that Kayla and her husband Zach are having a baby boy!!!

My nieces Ava, Kayla, Ciara

Me and my children, RJ, Nicole & Travis

Me & my son Travis

Me & my son RJ

Me & my daughter Nicole

Me & my babies XO

My nieces Ava, Ciara & Janelle

 Happy Birthday Ava!

Ava and my sister Stephanie

My Mom & my nephew Noah

Check out my very talented nephew Noah Cross the Magician
You can see more of his amazing magic tricks on his FaceBook Page:

 My brother Jason & his wife Keri

 My son Travis and My Dad

My Mom, Dad, and Dad's wife Sue

 My sister Stephanie, Mom & Sue

 My Amazing Moms

Mom, Dad & Sue

My daughter Nicole and her boyfriend Tyler

We had so much fun doing the Yankee Present Swap!!!

Me & my sis

Mom & Me

Travis & mom

Me, Dad, Stephanie

Love to all... Happy Holidays XOXO

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