2015 Happy New Year - Lifestyle Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are all about a fresh start and making a promise to yourself to become a better person. I believe in working on self-improvement and kindness as an everyday lifestyle, instead of a once a year resolution. The end of the year is a time of reflection and prioritizing what really matters in life.

  • Do Your Best - Have I done my best every day? Only we can judge ourselves and know what our best truly is. 
  • Keep Learning - What have I learned and what do I want to learn? 
  • Do What You Love - Have I been true to myself and been doing what I love? 
  • Respect Your Body -  Do I feel healthy and like the way that I look? Can I do more to nourish my body, look better, and feel  better?
  • Keep Growing - How have I grown as a person, and what do I still need to work on? 
  • Be Proud of Yourself - What have I overcome, and what did I do to make it happen? 
  • Give Back & Help Others - How have I made a difference in other peoples lives, and how can I help more people? 
  • Love Yourself - Have I forgiven myself for any judgments that I may have put on myself? I am good enough and I love myself. 
  • Forgive & Let It Go - Have I forgiven anyone who I have allowed to hurt me? Let it go so that I can move forward. 
Make it happen... This is your dream and your life. You are the person who you decide to be. 
Always be kind and loving to yourself and to others XO

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