DIY Mixed Print Maxi Skirt

I found this full print maxi dress at Plato's Closet consignment store and refashioned it into a skirt. I started by cutting the top of the dress off (from armpit to armpit.)

I used knitted elastic 4 inches wide as the waistband.

To create the waistband, I wrapped the elastic around my waist and pinned it to size.

I then marked a diagonal line with chalk and sewed it with a basic straight stitch (because the elastic is so wide, the waist needs to be smaller than the hip to fit properly.)

Next, I cut the elastic evenly and laid it flat. 
Sew each side with a simple straight stitch.

Now, put the skirt back on and pin the completed waistband to the skirt - I always use safety pins. Try on flats and heels to decide how long you want you skirt.

I stretched the elastic and the material as I sewed the waistband in place.

Next, I turned the skirt inside-out and cut off the excess material. I left enough to fold it under for a clean finished look. I then pinned it in place.

I stretched the elastic and material as I finished sewing the waistband.

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