Believe in Yourself... The world needs you!

 Everything that I have been through in my life has helped me to understand and empathize with so many people... 

I have raised three beautiful children, I was a teen mom, survived a near death accident, domestic violence, chronic pain, bed-ridden, nine surgeries, prescription morphine addiction & withdrawal, depression, anxiety, divorce, heartbreak, hopelessness, zero self-esteem, and the list goes on... 

 I have been there. I know what it's like to feel completely lost and alone.
To be in such pain that you feel like you can't go on.

You are not alone <3

I believe that everything I have been through has been a gift to help me. Life is full of lessons, and we are here to learn. I don't fight life anymore. I have learned from my pain. I know the harder that something is to overcome, the more I will learn and grow as a person. The more that I understand, the more that I can share and help others. I am human, I suffer, I make mistakes, I am learning every day. I am trying to figure life out and I am grateful for every experience.

You don't need anyone else to make you happy. It all starts with 
the love that you have for yourself.
(My daughter Nicole & Me)

Watching our children find their way can be one of the hardest parts 
of being a parent. I love you my little angel <3

(Me & My Daughter Nicole)

Believe in yourself and anything is possible <3

Learn from what you have been through; and once you do, you can help others find their way too. If you hold on to hate, and anger, and feel sorry for yourself, life will never get better.

We create our own happiness. 
If we are not happy it is because we have chosen not to be. 
It does not matter what has happened to us, it does not matter what we have been through, it's how we deal with it that matters.
Keep working on yourself and bettering yourself.
That is why we are all here. 
To be the best person that we can be. 
To make a difference in this world 
with love and kindness.

You are special like no one else. 
Share the love that you have inside of you. The world needs you!

 Believe that you deserve to have a wonderful life full of love, health, and wealth. Why not you? There is no reason, except for the one that you make up in your head. You deserve to be happy!!!
 (My beautiful daughter Nicole)

Love yourself, Love Others, Do what you Love, and you will find your way. 

 I Love You!

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