How To Make Your Body Look Better In A MAXI DRESS

Here are some simple tricks that made my clingy maxi dress go from 
"I will never wear this" TO "I love this dress."

I loved this striped maxi dress that I bought, however it did not flatter my body at all. It was see-through and emphasized every lump and bump. I was determined to wear this dress and not let it wear me! When it comes to feeling confident in your clothes, investing in the right undergarments is priceless.

VS Racerback & Crossback Styles
Wear a bra that "lifts up the girls" and fits you well. 
Look for a thicker band in the back for a smooth fit.


Long Half Slips

Lace Waist Non-Binding

My Favorite Shaper
Click HERE to see how I added lace to mine.
Wearing a long necklace creates a slimming
 vertical line that helps to elongate your torso. A chunky statement necklace will draw the eye up and create visual interest.

The last trick is to wear a thick belt. It will define your waist, and give your stomach a more flat and toned appearance. 

Rock your maxi dress with confidence :-)

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