DIY: Bra Top MAXI DRESS Refashion

I decided to refashion this maxi dress because the top didn't fit well. It was just a simple strapless dress with no bust support. I used one of my sports bras so that I don't have to wear an additional bra with this dress :-)

You can use this idea with any dress by first cutting across under the arms. Since my dress was strapless I did not cut anything until later. I put on my bra top and the dress. I then tucked my original dress under the bra top and adjusted it until it was even. Next, carefully pin around the bra top by putting one hand between your skin and the dress.

Carefully take the dress off. I slid it down instead of over my head.

I then used a few safety pins to hold the overlap of material out of the way while sewing. I used a basic straight stitch along the top seam of the sport bra band, and again along the bottom seam. *Make sure that you pull the material tight as you are sewing. You want the stitches to be able to stretch with the dress.

Next, turn the dress inside-out and cut off the excess material. I like to use medical bandage scissors so that I don't poke a hole through the material underneath.

Have Fun!

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