Bleaching Hair vs Highlights

My daughter Nicole and I love having our Mommy/Daughter Dates. Today we both colored our hair at my house. We both wanted to go a little lighter but I chose a light natural blonde and she chose an extra light ash blonde. My hair was fully bleached before we started and Nicole's hair was highlighted.

Me & My Daughter Nicole <3
Photo: Me & Nicole - The only way to get the same color results that appear on the box, is to start off with hair that is the Same Shade or Lighter. We both started off with bleached hair, however we did not bleach it to a light pale yellow color. As a result, the color of our hair appears darker than the box color but takes on the same tone. My hair results were more golden and Nicole's results were more ash. You can also see that Nicole's hair picked up the light blonde color in her highlights. *Always chose a box color that is lighter than your desired results.

Nicole's Hair - Using a box color is a great inexpensive way to quickly get rid of dark roots after your highlights start to grow out. Chose a color that matches your Lightest Highlight Color if you still want to see your highlights. Apply the color to the length of your hair first and the roots last (read box instructions carefully).
Nicole (after color)

I did a Full Head Bleaching at Home - 
You can see "How To" details HERE

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