DIY AT HOME - Mani / Pedi

Once per week I give myself a manicure and pedicure. This method has worked great for me. It's quick, easy, and my polish will last for a full 7 days.
First I clip my toenails and fingernails as short as possible.

Next I remove my nail polish from toes and fingers.

I gently file my nails and push back my cuticles with an emery board.

I love the Ped-Egg it works great! I exfoliate my feet with the metal attachment first, then finish with the black smoothing attachment. (On dry feet no water).

I wipe my fingers and toes one more time with nail polish remover, wiping towards the cuticle to push them back. I always paint my toes first and I use my emery board to correct any mistakes.

I usually don't use a base coat , however if I do I will use CND Stickey. If you have ridges in your nails it works great. It's also helpful with some nail polish brands to keep them from chipping. You can get great deals on eBay. 

Some of my favorite nail polish brands are: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, Nicole by OPI, Spoiled by Wet n Wild.

I then apply a top coat (Nutra Nail is a drugstore brand). I use quite a bit to protect my nails from chipping.
I wait about 2 minutes after applying the top coat and I spray my nails with Nail Enamel Dryer.
About 5 minutes later I rub Coconut Oil all over my hands and feet.

About mid-week if my nails seem dull, I will apply another top coat. If your nails chip, simply touch them up with nail polish and apply another top coat :-)

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