AMAZING!!! Inspirational People...

Amy Purdy is 34 years old. She lost both of her legs when she was 19. She is an American actress, snowboarder, co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports and spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough - Dancing With The Stars 2014

It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams - Lillie McCloud 

 The X Factor USA 2013 Auditions

Lillie McCloud, 54 years young! The passion and emotion in Lillie's voice is captivating. She never gave up on her dream. Simply Beautiful...

Valerie Harper - Dancing With The Stars 

Actress, Valerie Harper best known for her TV hit Rhoda, joined Dancing With The Stars this season. Not only is she is 74 years old, she is also battling cancer. She was given only three months to live in January and here she is dancing her heart out! 
Live every day as if it were your last...

Don't Let Anything Stop You From Following Your Dreams - Victoria Carriger 


Victoria Carriger has eight children and is separated from her husband. At 41 years young, she follows her dream and sings her heart out. You can feel her pain and her story in her voice... Simon said it all after she walked off the stage with her children, "That's what it's all about". Beautiful...

Being Different Is Beautiful - Rion Paige 

Rion Paige - Judges are "Blown Away" - 

Look at her shine! You can feel her positive energy! You can just feel the beauty pouring out of her! Who she is as a person makes her appear even more beautiful than she already is. Such a positive attitude with incredible passion and determination... We can all learn from thirteen year old Rion. She is the true definition of a beautiful person.

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