Simple 3x6 Pillar Candle

I am addicted to candles!! I love the scents, the glow, the cozy romantic feeling they radiate... Here are some of my favorites that I have in my home. ALL ELECTRIC OR BATTERY OPERATED (No flame - Same exact feel.) The pillar candles have a timer option and they actually flicker like real candles!

Electric Branch Lights

 I LOVE my new Scented Wax Warmer that my daughter bought me for Christmas!!!  It plugs into the wall and comes with a 25 watt light bulb that heats the Scented Wax Cubes without the need for flames. It is so gorgeous and the Pumpkin Spice Scent that she chose for me smells soooo delicious!!! She loved it so much that she wants the same one for her birthday in a few weeks and so does my Mom. LOVE IT!!!


24"x 24" Jeweled Luminosity Wall Hanging (shown with battery operated tea lights)

Metal Wall Art 

Pillar Candle Scone

Hanging Crystal Candle Pillar Holder


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