SELF-TANNING Tips & Tricks

PHOTO: My Daughter Nicole & Me
I love to use a self tanner! It is a great alternative to the damaging rays of the sun or tanning beds. It's like applying semi-permanent makeup on your body and it looks extremely natural. It also helps to make my scars less noticeable. Tanning solutions have come a long way since the fake orange looking stains that were available years ago. 

The consistency of this solution is like water because it is meant to be used with an Airbrushing Spray Tan System. My airbrush machine broke so I have been using the same solution and just rubbing it onto my skin like lotion. I have got this method perfected to a few quick and easy steps. This is much less messy than dealing with the over spray of a spray machine. 

You can use any Self Tanning product of your choice that works for your skin type. The higher the DHA % the darker your results will be (I use 12.5% DHA.) This is just what I personally use and the method of application that works best for me. I have also been using a lot of self tanning sprays. Here are a few of my favorites.

BEFORE YOU START: The best time to self-tan is before you go to bed. You can't get your body wet for the next 6-8 hours so get the dishes done first, don't go out in the rain, don't get excessively sweaty. Get everything ready before you shower. You want your skin to be freshly washed not dried out.

First shave and get rid of any hair on your body in the areas you will be tanning. 

Shower and exfoliate your skin with a loofah. Dry your skin well. If you washed your hair, dry it now so that it doesn't drip onto your tan. Otherwise just tie it up out of the way.

*Snug Fitting Rubber Gloves
*Sponge if applying liquid tanner

To apply my liquid self-tanning solution I use a smooth sponge. If you don't have anything similar you can purchase one here:

*An Old Face Cloth
* Full Length Mirror 

Yes this is a tough one! If you are going to do a full body application you have to look at yourself naked in the mirror. You can do it. Love what you got!!!

Put your gloves on and saturate the sponge with tanning solution. I cannot tan my face because it triggers my melasma. I use bronzer every day to darken my face so it matches my body. 

If you are tanning your face I would start there. Apply enough solution to rub in until fully blended, you can always add more so don't over do it. Slightly dampen the corner of an old face cloth to dab eyes, mouth, or anywhere that you don't want to darken. You can alternate with the dry to damp face cloth as needed. Just take your time until you get used to it.

 Next move to your neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms. Do one side at a time first applying with the sponge then completely rubbing in the solution exactly like lotion. Do your right shoulder, then left shoulder - right upper arm, left upper arm, etc. If you can't reach your back you will have to get someone to help you. I just do the best I can reaching my hand behind my back.
Take your time and keep looking in the mirror to make sure that the color looks even. Continue using your face cloth, damp and dry to even out any streaks or dark spots.

 Once you are completely done and the color looks even, you can wash your sponge with your gloves still on. Be extra careful not to splash water on yourself or it will ruin your tan. Dry your gloves off and carefully remove them.

You can now use a folded up paper towel with tanning solution to blend more color into your hands. The tanning solution that I use dries right away. You can now put on comfy clothes, relax and sleep for the night.

The longer the solution stays on your skin, the longer the color will last. The next day your tan will be completely developed and you can shower as normal. You will see the tanning solution coming off of your skin in the shower. You are not washing off your tan as long as you have waited 6-8+ hours. 

After you shower you can apply the tanning solution again to create a deeper base of color if desired. Maintenance to keep up the color is once per week.

The key to making your tan last as long as possible is to MOISTURIZE at least once per day! Use lotion, baby oil, coconut oil, anything to keep your skin hydrated. Your tan should last about one week and fade just like a regular tan from the sun.

A few tricks for fading dark areas that you might notice the next day:

You can make your own TAN REMOVER with Lemon & Raw Sugar. Apply to wet skin and massage GENTLY. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse. Don't scrub or you could irritate your skin.

If you wait too long you will not be able to completely remove the dark areas. It is best to take your time when applying the tanning solution and blend with your face cloth. Pay attention to hands, wrists, ankles, knees &  elbows. If an area seems too dark you can even our your skin with concealer or makeup foundation to lighten the area until it fades. 

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  1. These are some great tips! I've been wanting to start tanning for a while. I like what you said about washing with a loofa to avoid scraping. The picture you have of the splotchy tan is a good example of the issues I've had. It would be great if I could eliminate those problems by following your tips.