The color I used is (Loreal Excellence #7 dark natural blonde.) 
See my new lighter hair color at the end of this post...  
My hair looks red in some photos and videos because of the lighting. Outside in natural light my hair is very close to this box color (Dark Natural Blonde #7.)
My hair grows so fast - this my re-growth after 2 weeks. Just before I color I saturate the ENDS of my hair with the pre-conditioner that comes in the box and Coconut Oil.  This is a great time for a deep conditioning treatment.
Wear an old tee shirt and color your hair when it's dirty, at least 24 hours after washing (It's a very sexy look!) Part your hair in the middle and apply color to roots only. *Do not add water. I have tried this and the color will fade and not saturate well.
Swipe your gloved hand over the color to spread it out evenly over roots. Don't rub it in, once is plenty.

Use a comb to make 1/4" partings down one side of your head. Repeat application of color to new growth root area. Keep flipping your hair to the side.  Continue down one side of your head until you reach the back. Now start at the middle again and continue application down the other side of your head until saturated.
If your hair is long, tie back the dry hair while you wait for the color to process. I leave the color on for 30 minutes, then I rinse it out and use conditioner. *The color will look better and last longer if you do Not shampoo. If you are doing a full head application apply color to the rest of your hair for the last 10 minutes of processing.

My New Lighter Color
You can see how I lightened my hair at home here: MY NEW HAIR COLOR (Medium Natural Blonde #8)

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