I enjoy reading self-growth books and I have read many of them. I process the information that inspires me and I use it in combination with what I believe and what works for me. The one similarity that every book had, was tapping into the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, you can bring yourself positive or negative results.

I was especially interested in the concept of creating a Vision Book. The idea is to literally create a scrapbook of the life that you want. The key was to feel grateful and happy for my life exactly as it is right now. As I put my dreams onto paper I was immediately feeling as if I already had my new life. My way of thinking had shifted. Situations and relationships in my life immediately started to change because I had changed. 


I put my order into the universe. I ordered the life of my dreams.  It's like ordering a new pair of shoes online and clicking "purchase now." You feel happy now, you are excited for your new shoes to arrive before they are even delivered. You know that your package is on it's way, you know that soon you will actually be wearing them! You clean out your closet and make room them because they are already yours.

I decided to use my cute little 4x6" photo album that my friend Lorie got for me. I Love it and I Love you!

Me & Lorie <3

I started by listing 5 Categories:

1. HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: With my lover, family, friends. I wrote my name and thank you on every page. I put myself in my vision book as if it had already happened. When I look at my book I feel the joy of my dream.

Friendship, acceptance, trust, understanding, patience, kindness, communication.

Romance, intimacy, passion, unconditional love, growth, support, commitment, marriage.

Unconditional love, kindness, acceptance, patience, support

2. LIVELIHOOD: How I want to fill my days. If there is a dream job or career that is one of your goals, you can add a page as if you already have that job. Start your own business, become the President, fly to the moon! It's your dream, don't worry about how it will happen. Just believe it will happen.

3. HEALTH: Mental & Physical. Believe you are healthy now and that you will stay healthy. I wrote only positive statements. Instead of writing, "I don't want my back to hurt anymore," I wrote "My body is a perfect machine." If you have a weight problem or an eating disorder you can write, "I have a healthy relationship with food." Anything that you want to be at peace with in your life, turn it into a positive statement as if it was never an issue and never will be. 

4. PERSONAL APPEARANCE: How I want to look physically.  If you picture yourself as beautiful you will be beautiful. Beauty will flow out of you because you will feel good inside of yourself. If you are concerned about aging say, "I am youthful." If you are concerned about staying in shape say, "I am fit." If you are concerned about having acne say, "I have flawless skin." Believe you are beautiful!

I wrote down anything that came into my head under each category. Just single words or phrases that described my dreams. I got a clear idea in my head of what made me happy and how I wanted to live my life. No limits, nothing is too big or out of reach. I kept it simple without thinking about how my dreams and goals would actually happen.

5. ABUNDANCE / WEALTH: Money and lifestyle. 

The more I Give, the more I Get, and the more I am able to Give. 
I have plenty of money for whatever I desire. Share the Love - Give Back.
Thank You <3

My beautiful home office overlooking the ocean. Thank You <3

My home overlooking the ocean. 
This is where I feel the most alive, happy, and inspired. Thank You <3

I looked at this like an unlimited shopping spree. I went shopping online and in magazines to find photographs that helped me to feel my vision. I looked for any pictures that made me feel good. It's not necessarily about brands or price tags or things. It was finding a feeling in a photo of the life that I could see for myself. I wanted my vision book to be simple and focus on what is most important to me.

Creating my vision book has helped me to feel as if I am already living the perfect, beautiful, life that I dream of. Looking through my book is a great way to make me smile and feel thankful for everything that I have in my life right now. 

Thank you for my beautiful life <3

These are some of my favorite books that have helped me to change my life more than I could have ever imagined!


  1. such an inspiration. I just was having this conversation with my daughter. This will be our project together

  2. I think physically you have reached everything you ever wanted to have.
    You are even more beautiful now than 3 years ago, maybe your husband was right for you 2 years ago, I guess you were happy the last 2 years with him, so time was not wasted.
    What I can recommend are subliminals, there are a couple of good ones on Youtube.
    Hypnodaddy is good and Mindpower is also quite good.
    You are an inspirational woman, Lisa.
    I think you will be going places, Lisa, maybe in one year you have your own talk show on tv, you sure look like a celebrity and you can talk too


  3. I will have to try this. I only make a positive letter to the universe on the day before news years, adding what I'd like, what I am thankful for, etc and I burn it at midnight of that next year. I've been doing it about three or four years now.

    It's nice to see others go in more detail and expand on the every day/week/month aspect of it.