DIY: Jewelry Organizer

This is a great way to organize tons of jewelry all in one place and out of the way. It looks like a work of art hanging on the wall and It's quick and easy to make: 

1. You can use any wooden picture frame that is at least 1" thick. Look for one that has a wire attached to the frame or you can add one yourself.

2. Take the frame apart and carefully remove the glass.

3. If there are metal tabs in the back of the frame you can just bend them flat against the wood or pull them out with pliers. 

4. Use 1" cup hooks and start screwing them in from the top. As you start hanging your jewelry you can decide how many hooks you want to use and where to place them.

I used hanging earring cards so that I could store more earrings on my organizer. You can purchase the cards at
or you can make them with thick cardboard and a hole puncher.

Don't worry too much about having the cup hooks perfectly straight or symmetrical. Add them where you need them depending on your collection of jewelry. Once you add all of your jewelry you won't even notice the hooks.

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